Newtec QC90-2 Check Weigher

Newtec Checkpoint Series QC90-2 Check Weigher performs highly accurate in-line check weighing at speeds up to 90 units/minute

NEWTEC-QC90-2-Check-Weigher-4 Full-Crop


  • Highly accurate
  • Quick and reliable quality vision control for loose products
  • Extremely robust load cell
  • Touchscreen control
  • Weight requirements validation
  • Automatically checks whether the products comply with pre-defined weight requirements
  • Loose item detection and handling
  • Visually detects loose items on the belt and handles them accordingly
  • Minimizes the risk that overweight, underweight, or damaged packages would reach bulk packing or baling
  • Product separation / Singulation
  • Visually detects packages lying too close to one another and automatically separates them to ensure optimum distance between them prior to weighing
  • Bag validation
  • Detects packages that deviate in form, size, or color from a calibrated norm and rejects them


Sweet Potatoes


Max Weight5500 g (12 lbs)
Min Weight200 g (0.44 lbs)
Maximum Rate of OperationTarget weight < 3000 g (6.6 lbs) = 90 units/min Target weight >= 3000 g (6.6 lbs) = 60 units/min
Max Product Length450 mm (17.7 in)
Max Product Width350 mm (13.8 in)
Air Consumption and Pressure50 NL/min., 6 bar
Electricity Consumption10A, 200-240 VAC

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