Bestpack ATFXU Fully Automatic Carton Sealer

The BestPack ATFXU Series is an operator-free carton sealer designed to cater to the heavy duty needs of HSC carton usage. Using pressure sensitive tape to seal cartons, the ATFXU was designed for oranges, lemons, potatoes, and other produce. It has four stations: an indexer station, a positive outer sleeve lifting station with vibration that is activated only if the outer sleeve does not lift, a flap folding station, leading to a final station which seals the top and bottom flaps, leaving the top and bottom flaps sealed but not tabbed together.

Image of the Bestpack ATFXU Fully Automatic Carton Sealer at Pepper Equipment.


  • 220 Volts 3-Phase Power Requirements
  • 90 PSI, 8 SCFM Air Requirements
  • 1,098 lbs Shipping Weight
  • Heavy Duty Casters Heavy Duty Frame
  • Unique Positive Outer Sleeve Lifting Station
  • Flap Folding Horns
  • Rear Minor Flap Side Action Kicker
  • SMC Maitenance Free
  • High Speed Top and Bottom Belt Drive System
  • Quick Change Belt Drive Assembly Tracks
  • Belt Drives are Equipped with a “V” Guide
  • Self Centuring Guide Rails
  • Width/Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Compression Roller
  • Interlock Safety Gates




SpeedUp to 38 Cartons/min.
Power Requirements220 Volts 3 Phase - 6 AMPS, 10:1 Ratio, 1/5 hp
Air Requirements90 PSI, 8 SCFM
Shipping Weight1,098 lbs
Machine Dimensions(107.5") x (40.3") x (58.7")
Carton Range(16.7" - 23.3") x (11.6" - 15.3") x (5.3" - 10.5")
Conveyor Height and Adjustment(24.0" - 31.0")

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