Bestpack ELVS Carton Erector

The BestPack™ Model ELVS is an innovative, high-performance carton erector/sealer. This erector is built for heavy usage with quick and simple carton size changeover. There are no tools required for carton size changeover. The ELVS handles a wide range of carton sizes.

Bestpack-ELVS-Carton-Erector Full-Crop


  • Malfunction Alarm
  • Manual Jog Button
  • Vacuum Pump Suction Cup System
  • Allen Bradley PLC Controls
  • Carton Demand Logic
  • Heavy Duty Peg Legs
  • Heavy Duty 3mm Welded Frame
  • Power Feed Hopper
  • Side Belt Drive
  • Capable of Interchanging 2” or 3” Tape Heads
  • SMC Maitenance Free, Oil-less Air Cylinder
  • Carton on Demand Logic
  • Heavy Duty 3mm Welded Frame
  • Size Adjustment Screw Drive Counter




SpeedUp to 15 Cartons/min.
Power Requirements110 Volts 60 Hz - 20 AM
Pair Requirements80 PSI, 10 SCFM
Shipping Weight1,800 lbs.
Machine Dimensions(100.8") x (83.0") x (64.3")
Carton Range(7.5" - 25.0") x (5.0" - 20.0") x (3.0" - 21.5")
Conveyor Height and Adjustments(25.5" - 31.5")

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