Eqraft Lion Combination Scale

The Lion Combination Scale accurately calculates the optimum output weight for agro and bulk products. The machine is very suitable for delicate products.



  • The circular arrangement of the weighing buckets ensures optimum filling, which is controlled by the control system
  • The Lion Combination Scale is equipped with 12 weighing buckets of 14 liters
  • The various options for delivery of the weighted product, make the machine suitable for many different products
  • Setup, change over and emptying have been optimized, which ensures minimal change over delays
  • Guarantees years of reliable performance
  • A perfect combination with the Baxmatic® and the sewing lane and the connection to third party machines is guaranteed


Sweet Potatoes


CapacityDepending on system chosen, product, required output weight and desired accuracy. For example: onions in 5 - 25kg nets can easily be bagged at a speed of 12 - 18 drops per minute with the correct set up. Pre-packs up to 5kg up to 55 drops per minute
IntegrationCan be electronically connected with other machines | Eqontrol compatible
Energy requirements7 Kw 3 phase, neutral, ground | air pressure 6 bar 400 liters/min, filtered | DSL Internet access through Baxmatic® or otherwise

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