WATCH: Hatch Valley Produce’s Full Production Line For Grading, Processing, And Packaging Onions

Fully automated and mechanized production lines for onions, potatoes, and other root vegetables are not just speeding up the production process but also reducing labor costs and increasing product quality and consistency.
Watch Pepper Equipment Company’s full onion production line in action in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, and learn about each machine featured in order below:


Coupled with EDP 2 Ton or 4 Ton moving floor hopper, this semi-automatic bin tipper from Australian company , is ideal for onion, potato, and citrus production feeding lines. It also acts as extra storage.
Its features include:
  • Electric Tip.
  • Pneumatic Air Bag Bin Clamp (Various Bin Heights).
  • 135º Tip Angle Ensuring Complete Bin Discharge auto bin return.
  • Automatic Pneumatic Lid Door.
  • Half-ton to One-ton Bins.
  • Wireless Remote Control.
  • Touch screen interface.


From Monte Vista, Colorado, in the San Luis Valley,  the second largest fresh potato growing region in the U.S, the Pepper Equipment Incline Conveyor is the perfect solution for transporting potatoes, onions, carrots, and similar produce between processing machine equipment. The incline conveyor can be fitted with a standard flight or chevron-style belt.


Regarding speed and accuracy with , has innovative and reliable machines, which is why it’s added to the onion production line in New Mexico.
The NEWTEC 4010W1 Automatic Bulk Weigher’s features include:
  • High weighing accuracy with a typical giveaway at less than 0.2%.
  • High speed, weighing up to 20 portions per minute at 25 kg.
  • Extra large weigh heads for large portions and products.
  • WebServices enabled for remote servicing and capturing production data.
  • MachineLink enabled.
  • Recipe change and start/stop from one touchscreen for both checkpoint and weighing machines.


Further down the production line, you’ll find the EQRAFT BAXMATIC®, a robust bagging solution for onions. Eqraft is an expert within the onion processing industry and a part of the .
EQRAFT BAXMATIC®’s features include:
  • Accurately positions bags to be filled and performs a check preventing waste while keeping the work environment clean.
  • Handles multiple workloads like working with scales to fill bags in one direction while gently filling boxes in another.
  • It can connect to a sewing lane and combination scale.


Palletizers may be at the end of the line, but anyone in the produce processing industry knows how important of a step it is in the production line, and
At the end of the Hatch, New Mexico onion production line, you’ll see Mach Series Palletizers in action. 
This low-maintenance palletizer series adds significant value to your production line.
SYMACH Mach Series palletizer features include:
  • Stacking any bag individually, regardless of type, ensures a neat, stable pallet.
  • Intuitive drag and drop operation.
  • Overlapping of bags.
  • Perfectly straight stacking.
  • High-efficiency automation.
  • Low-maintenance.
Ensuring a seamless production line takes the right technology and knowledge of the proper machinery to use in customized warehouses.
. has the expertise for outfitting warehouses of any size with production lines customized to your production and produce needs. Check out our .
Need a custom solution for your production line and warehousing needs? Pepper Equipment Co. offers a range of custom solutions for various produce processing, including potatoes, onions, carrots, and tree fruits. Contact us today for your Need project management for your warehouse and production line? Pepper Equipment offers as well.