Receiving & Washers

A hygienic and appealing product presentation is more important than ever. When designing our high-performance and durable machines, we take current machine guidelines into account and ensure that important quality features are adhered to.

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Sizing & Sorters

Capacity and accuracy go hand in hand when it comes to DT Dijkstra’s grading machines. They are based on advanced and proven drive technology. These machines are suitable for the continuous grading of washed and unwashed products, such as potatoes, beetroot, onions, flower bulbs, Brussels sprouts, etc.

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Packaging & Palletizers

Product is received from the weigher and transferred into heads via 8 separate conveyors.  This allows product to have more time to fill into the bag, decreasing the likelihood of bridging. Operators manually load each head with a bag. The OctoPak automatically communicates with the weigher to fill the bags. Filled bags can be removed manually or automatically depending on bag type. Drawstring bags are removed and closed manually. Poly bags can be removed and automatically closed using a Kwik-Lok closer.

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